Why I meditate

People often ask me why I meditate. There is more and more talk about meditation in the mainstream media and people often are unsure if it is a way to chill out or if there is more to it.

The benefits of meditation are astounding. It is a wonder drug – the singular most life changing thing I have ever done. And the question I get asked straight before people ask me how to meditate is why do I do it.

I think most people ask themselves the question of how to be happier.  We are sold a lie that acquiring more and more is the answer to this deep set need. But to be able to be content with ourselves and our environment is probably a much better answer to how to find happiness. 

Meditation brings you to a relationship with yourself. No matter what is going on in you, whether you are happy, sad, frustrated or calm that time on the cushion is your time to just be with yourself – however you are. How few moments there are in the day when we are able to just be with ourselves. Our lives are packed with things we need to do, people we need to see, appointments we need to keep. And when we are not racing around we are less and less able just to sit still with ourselves. Our digital culture keeps us moving from one distraction to the next. And we are completely out of touch with who we are. 

Meditation is one way to come back to that relationship. Just being with ourselves, on the cushion, with nowhere to go, is a profound experience. Research has shown the endless physical and emotional benefits from this practice. It reduces our anxiety and stress which is at epidemic proportions in the modern world. But most of all we start to feel well again, whole, connected, grounded, more loving and happier. 

If you feel inspired why not consider coming to one of our amazing life changing retreats in India and learn how to make meditation an easy daily practice?

Monique Rhodes





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