The Fame Lie

I am sitting on a flight right now and there is a guy on the aisle seat opposite me who is clearly famous – somewhere…The airline stewards are making such a fuss of him. They are asking him if there is anything they can do for him, trying to catch his eye they are smiling each time they pass him. It’s so funny to watch! One of them stopped and told him when she last saw him on a TV show. They all want his attention. Interestingly, because I don’t – he seems to want mine….

Why do we do that? Why are we so obsessed with fame? What do we think being close to someone who is famous brings us? Does it make us cool? More likable? There are so many people who contribute in the most extraordinary hidden ways in this world and yet because their job is not in the public eye no one is asking them on a flight if their every need can be met.  

We are sold the constant lie that fame = success = happiness. Because that’s all we are really after at the end of the day, isn’t it?  We are just trying to figure out how to be happier. 

He is certainly not the poster boy for this lie. His fingernails are bitten down to a point where he barely has any and by the way he gripped the seat in front when we took off he also clearly has an anxiety for flying. He is balding, overweight and could desperately do with a few weeks in the sun. Does he look happy? Not from where I am sitting.

I believe happiness is a habit. It’s a series of things you choose to do and not to do day after day, week in week out, year in year out. Happiness is not an automatic result of being famous or rich. It’s the result of living in a particular way that enhances joy and positivity. 

There are ways to change your life if you want to be happier.


Monique Rhodes




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